Here at Rice, each college has a number of amazing faculty, staff, alumni, and community members that are affectionately referred to as Associates. At Jones, they are the best of the bunch. They cheer on our Powderpuff, sponsor study breaks, and do whatever they can to make your college experience the best it can possibly be. 


How to Join

If you are interested in becoming an associate, please contact the External Vice President at


Who are the Associates?

Jones has a campus police officer, medical doctors, the head of the Physics department, the Dean of the Social Sciences, startup employees, engineers, graduate students, and wonderful professors just waiting to talk to you! Some of them have been traipsing around Jones and Rice for over a decade, so they are great resources for how things work around here. 

Melanie Achard Michel Achard Wade Adams Nathan Allen David Anderson Penny Anderson
Kathleen Austin Maribel Barrera Lloyd Bennack Emily Brown Ethan Brown Teddy Bucher
Mike Byrne John Caffey Niki Clements David Damanik Sam Davis John Dobelman
Kate Dollinger Barry Dunning Ahmad Durrani Danny Eaton Vicky Elliot Melinda English
David Evans Greg Fitch Caitlyn Freeman Carlos Garcia Bilal Ghosn Anzilla Gilmore
Nancy Guerra Rudy Guerra Travis Hanson Kim Hardy Mayfield Harris Daniel Hu
Priscilla Huston Coble Jorgensen Lydia Kavraki Steve Kellogg Christene Kimmel Debra Kolah
Jonathan Ludwig Martiel Luther Charlita Marrs Chance Marshall Ipek Martinez Elise McCutchen
Andrew McDermott Baxter Montgomery Bruce Nichol Carolyn Nichol Nancy Niedzielski Lucas Ogden-Davis
Jim Rollinson Rafael Salaberry Janis Scott Lillian Seidel Sara Rice Shafer Helen Shaw
Ray Simar Teran Smith Shelia Starks Charles Stewart Richard Stoll Arthur Terry Jr.
Vanessa Tutos Kaleb Underwood Laura Welch Fitcch Lynn Wisda Fay Yarbrough Nick Zdeblick

How do you Interact with Associates?

Go to Associate’s Night (a reception and dinner extravaganza held each semester on behalf of the North Servery Chef). Take their classes. Keep in touch with your O-Week Associates. Facebook friend them if you must. If you’re looking for some good conversation and some cool adults, just introduce yourself. They’re really eager to meet you, and they have plenty of stories and memories from their own Jones and Rice experiences. And just think: you might someday become an Associate, too! 

Associates in High Places

In 2010, the Mayor of Houston Annise Parker (Jones ’78) came to campus as part of a jack (prank) organized by Jones College. The jack was coordinated by then-Jonesians Dan Lasalle and Prem Ramkumar. Parker spoke before a huge crowd of Rice students for about five minutes before announcing Jones was the BEST college. At that point, Jonesians in the crowd stood up and sprayed silly string on the rest of the audience amid chants of “JIBA” and “Jones wins again!” In short, Jones is the BEST college with the most POWERFUL associates! Although she is too busy to stop by (being mayor and all), Jones is extremely proud to call her an associate.