Cabinet Positions

The Jones Executive Cabinet is the entirely student-run and student-elected system of college governance. The purpose of Cabinet is to provide an atmosphere of social and intellectual growth in the college, plan college activities, and make sure that Jones runs smoothly. The Cabinet is legislated by the Jones Constitution, and elections are held in the spring. Cabinet members always welcome fellow students’ feedback on anything related to Jones or Rice, so be sure to get to know them!

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Executive Cabinet 2019-2020

Position Description Name E-mail
President Represent Jones at all campus-wide functions, oversee Cabinet and Appointed Positions, preside over all college meetings, and ensure Jones runs smoothly. Kyle Bartsch
Chief Justice Enforce the Alcohol Policy and Code of Conduct, appoint Associate Justices, preside over College Court cases John Townley
External Vice
Coordinate Associates' Nights, organize other Associates and alumni events, appoint & chair Associates Committee Hannah Kim
Internal Vice
Oversee 9 appointed positions, coordinate Awards Night, Birthday Bash, Floor Olympics, and Talent Show Kristian Stengel
Treasurers Manage the Jones budget, maintain financial records JP Martinez Cordeiro
Adam Subel
SA Senator Represent Jones in the Student Association, serve as a non-voting member of Cabinet Drew Carter
Secretaries Manage the e-mail listserv, record & distribute Cabinet meeting minutes Alex Berlaga
Andrea Doan
Historians Maintain Jones picture archive and historical records, submit items to be preserved to Rice's Woodson Research Center Uma Kelavkar
Maddie West

Other Roles in Jones

There are many other ways for Jonesians to contribute to life in the college. Some positions are elected, and the rest are appointed by the President, Vice President, and other officers, usually in the spring.


Elected Positions 2019-2020

Position Description Name E-mail
Honor Council Rep Represent Jones in the Honor Council and participate in Honor Council cases Kyler Foutch
O-Week Coordinators Spend nine months preparing for new students' arrival and planning both Jones and Rice O-Week events Max Boekelmann
Leslie Loredo
Edgar Cedeño
RPC Rep Coordinate Rice Program Council events and serve as a liaison between RPC and the college Ishaan Rischie
Room Draw Coordinators Govern procedures for students choosing on-campus rooms each spring Dani Sierra
Lauren Chiang
Social Coordinators Organize all levels of social events at Jones and ensure they follow campus-wide policies Aaron Pathak
Ishaan Rischie
Annie Chen
U-Court Rep Serve as a liaison between University Court and the college Ryan Emelle
Floor Rep Elected in the first few weeks of each semester to represent each floor on the Cabinet Varies by floor NA

Appointed Positions 2018-2019 (President)

Position Description Name
Beer Bike Coordinator Plan and run Willy Week and Beer Bike every year Alfonso Morera
Hannah Park
Julia Kolbe
Maxim Karoubi
Rohan Palanki
Chief of Staff Meets regularly with all appointed positions to provide guidance and feedback; creates Jones newsletter Adam Subel
Parliamentarian Maintain the Jones Constitution, count votes, and serve as a non-voting member of Cabinet Dani Sierra
College Night Organize and plan a day of recreation and celebration of Jones college each semester Laney Brown
Annie Turney
Leslie Loredo
Ali Miller
Katy Gehring
Intercollegiate Rep Jones liason for events between residential colleges Hannah Kim
Food Rep Jones’s voice to communicate food preferences and issues to the North and South Serveries Claire Stevens

Appointed Positions 2018-2019 (Internal Vice President)

Position Description Name
Ambiance Coordinators Plan and execute improvement projects for common spaces around Jones College Kristen Hickey
Phoebe Cox

Elections Coordinators Run the speeches, voting process, and announcements of the Jones elections Katy Gehring
Hannah Park
Merchandise Coordinators Purchase and distribute Jones-themed merchandise for the college Amy Griffiths
Rabea Tzenetos
Robert Williamson
Kristian Stengel
Maddie O'Brian

PR Director Publicize both Jones and campus-wide events, including the birthdays of all Jonesians Katy Gehring
Hannah Park
Special Services Coordinators Maintain electronic equipment around Jones Johnny Cai
Jack Wilson
John Townley
Sports Coordinator Foster Jones participation in intramural and college sports Johnny Cai
John Townley

Appointed Positions 2018-2019 (External Vice President)

Position Description Name
Community Involvement Coordinators Coordinate a day of community service for the college each semester Maddie O'Brien
Cultural Coordinators Organize events that broaden the cultural experiences of Jonesians

Ohifeme Longe
Deepika Narayanan
Richard Lee
Webmagister Maintain the information and aesthetics of the Jones website Mitch Belmer

Other Positions 2018-2019

Position Description Name
IT Ambassador Assist with any questions regarding technology at the college, including printing and wifi
Student Maintenance Representative Ensure college facilities are well maintained and loft beds Josh Perez
Senior Events Committee Hold senior class events throughout the year Payton Carroll
Amber Dai
Alfonso Morera
Ameesh Shaw
Rohan Palanki
Annie Turney