The Constitution

The Jones Constitution details the laws of our land. It’s the way we make most of our decisions, and how we put people in charge. From room draw procedures to the most eccentric of Presidential duties, the Constitution has got it all. There are over 35 pages of carefully worded text to guide our college’s activity. The College Parliamentarian is responsible for updating and changing the Constitution as he or she sees fit. The Constitution is broken down into six main sections:

1. What is the Constitution? – Articles I-III define Jones College members and what the Constitution is for.

2. Roles and responsibilities – Articles IV-IX contain the constitutional definition of various College positions. If you’re thinking about running for office or submitting an application, this is where you find out specifics.

3. Changes – Articles X-XI are for changes such as amending the constitution and adding and removing people from office.

4. Procedures – Articles XII-XIV contain information for two very important college processes: room draw and parking jack.

5. Academic Fellows – Article XV explains the Jones Academic Fellows, an honors society of sorts of the Jones community.

6. Jones tradition – Article XVI and XVII explain Jones College traditions for the President and the college cheers. It’s important stuff.

The latest version of the Jones By-Laws can be found here

The latest version of the Jones Code of Conduct can be found here