Jones College Forms

One central location for all permanent Jones forms!

Private Party Registration

If you are planning a private party (defined in the Alcohol Policy as a party with 5+ guests and alcohol, but are not public parties in nature or spirit) at Jones, please fill out this form with the relevant information.

JIBA Fund Request

An initiative for students to request money for a purchase or donation. 

Request must be approved by...

< $50             - Either the Treasurer or the President

$50 - $100   - Both the Treasurer and the President

> $100           - Cabinet

Request a Historian

Reserve the Jones camera or request a historian to take photos or video at your event!

Guest Registration

Please fill out this form if you are having guests stay overnight at Jones.

Website Feedback

We're always looking for ways to improve the site! Please use this form to leave feedback, give corrections, or let the webmaster know any features you desire.

Work Orders

Want your bed lofted? Is there a repair H&D needs to make? Fill out a work order to let the Jones SMR and H&D know!

Public Space Reservations

Any student group or organization wishing to reserve the Jones commons, PDR, or movie room must have a Jonesian from their group fill out this form. If your request is denied or needs to be modified, you will be contacted by the college coordinator. See the calendar below to help coordinate a reservation.

Jones Shout-Outs

Show your love for your fellow Jonesians by submitting a Jones shout-out!

Did someone go out of their way to help you with a problem set? Is your friend too humble to post about the awesome dance show she's performing in? Maybe your teammate scored the winning basket in IM Basketball, or you heard about a Jonesian who is hosting an event, or you found out that a friend is receiving an award for his research project. Share it here!

Greenware Reservation

Form to reserve greenware.