Jones O-Week 2017:

Sam and FrodO-Week

One Week to Rule Them All

The 2017 Jones O-Week website is now live!

What is O-Week?

O-Week is just short for Orientation Week, a week set aside at Rice University just for you, the new students.  You’ll register for classes, get an email account, learn your way around campus, and all the usual stuff.  In many ways, though, Rice O-Week is incredibly unique.  You will also take late night trips to Whataburger and House of Pies, race around in shopping carts, and form amazing friendships that will last through your time at Rice and beyond. The week is entirely student run, and every aspect is designed specifically to welcome you to Jones and Rice. 

A more comprehensive website is in the works; check back soon to learn more about the week, meet your advisors, and get a better idea of the wonders held in store for you at Sam and FrodO-Week! If you have any questions, please email the Jones O-Week coordinators at We can't wait to see you in August!