Academic Fellows

Each residential college has an academic fellows or mentors society—an honorary service organization dedicated to the promotion of intellectual and scholastic endeavors. Jones Fellows are juniors and seniors who have proven academic achievement, college citizenship, an interest in academic life of Jones college, and a willingness to help fellow students. Perhaps most importantly, they are a group of students who have excelled in their respective disciplines and who are willing to offer aid to whoever should need it.

The Jones Academic Fellows:

  • Serve as tutors, peer editors, and mentors for fellow Jonesians
  • Provide academic assistance through review sessions and individual tutoring sessions
  • Provide information about post-graduation opportunities by connecting students to knowledgable community members within a particular field
  • Host talks from faculty members or associates concerning a current event or a topic of interest to the Jones community

Unlike the PAAs, Fellows do not specialize in academic advising, meaning they are not generally experts on class selection or scheduling. Rather, the Academic Fellows are people who have taken and aced that difficult introductory course which keeps you up late on a Saturday night, and they want to help you succeed in it as well. Feel free to contact any of your Fellows whenever you may need them!

Jones Academic Fellows 2017-2018

      Name                                                  Fellowing                                                                                      Email                                                            Year

     Austin Bae                                        COMP                                                                                                                      Senior

     Justin Bernard                                  MATH 212, MECH 211                                                                                             Senior

     Anna Cowan                                     MATH 211                                                                                                               Junior

     Amber Dai                                         PSYC 101                                                                                                                 Junior

     Naomi Eigbe                                     MATH 101, FREN 141                                                                                             Junior

     Mikey Foster                                     EBIO 202, 213, 325, 334                                                                                        Senior

     Jovany Franco                                  BIOC 201, 301                                                                                                             Senior

     YaeJee Hong                                     LING 200, NEUR 380, PSYC 203, ARAB 141                                                  Senior

     Alex Hwang                                       PHYS 101, 102                                                                                                        Junior

     Laurel Kim                                         Writing                                                                                                                      Junior

     Hendrik Lintel                                   ECON 100, 200                                                                                                       Senior

     Alex Lu                                               CAAM 210, BIOE 252                                                                                              Junior

     Shaian Mohammadian                    Technical/Scientific Writing, Research, Head Fellow                                        Senior

     Minh Nguyen                                    CHBE 303                                                                                                             Senior

     Madeleine O'Brien                           KINE 300, 301                                                                                                      Junior

     Rohan Palanki                                   CHEM 121, 122, BIOE 252                                                                                     Junior

     Jenny Ren                                          BIOC 301                                                                                                                  Senior

     Dhanatcha Sadetaporn                   CHEM Classes/labs, BIOC 301                                                                         Senior

     Ameesh Shah                                   COMP, SPAN up to 322                                                                                        Junior

     Sreesh Shenoy                                 BUSI 305, Head Fellow                                                                                       Junior

     Evan Toler                                         STAT 280, STAT 310                                                                                             Senior

     Bailey Tulloch                                   Writing, Head Fellow                                                                                          Senior

     Julianne Wey                                    Writing,                                                                                                                  Senior

     Alexis Williams                                 MATH 102                                                                                                            Junior

     Teddy Zhang                                    CHEM 211, 212                                                                                                        Junior

Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs)

Serving as liaisons for the Office of Academic Advising, PAAs are students at each college that have been broadly trained in numerous areas of academics here at Rice.  Generally speaking, your college PAA team coordinates numerous group and individual activities that attempt to strengthen the academic vitality of your residential college. You may find yourself seeking the advice of a PAA about:

  • General graduation requirements
  • Specific classes
  • Research opportunities
  • Studying abroad
  • Professional school requirements
  • Or any topic as it relates to academics

Remember, even if a particular PAA cannot answer each and every one of your detailed questions, they can at least serve as a helpful resource to point you in the right direction of someone else that can.  As you become more familiar with academics here at Rice, we hope you begin to understand that academics, learning, and especially advising are all ongoing dynamic conversations that involve multiple perspectives and not just a prescription for registrations.

For more information, visit

Jones Peer Academic Advisors 2017-2018

Name                                       Major                                                                                                           Email                                                   Year

Anveet Janwandar              Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Business Minor, Pre-med                                  Senior

Caroline Lee                         Cognitive Sciences, Policy Studies, Biochemistry and Cell                                  Junior

                                                Biology minor, Pre-Health                                                                                                                                

Evan Toler Statistics,           Computational and Applied Mathematics, Pre-                                                   Senior


Naomi Eigbe                         Computer Sicence, Psychology, Pre-Graduate                                                   Senior

Kristen Hickey                       Anthropology, English                                                                                              Sophomore

Shami Mosley                       English, Computer Science, Business minor, Pre-Law, Pre-                           Sophomore


Justin Bernard                      Mechanical Engineering, Visual and Dramatic Arts                                              Senior

Alex Hwang                          Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics minor, Pre-                                 Junior


Zoe Levert                             Psychology, Business minor, Pre-Graduate                                                          Junior

Tianyang Liang                     Bioengineering, Business minor, Pre-Med                                                             Sophomore

Andrew Ligeralde                Chemistry, Pre-Graduate                                                                                          Senior

Sean Liu                                 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Business minor, Pre-Med                              Senior

Alfonso Morera                     Electrical and Computer Engineering, Business minor                                  Junior

Minh Nguyen                        Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Business minor                               Senior

Jose Pacheco                       Electrical and Computer Engineering                                                                  Sophomore

Tipwarin Phongmekhin        Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Neuroscience minor, Pre-                                 Sophomore


Jenny Ren                              Economics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Pre-med                                           Senior

Ameesh Shah                        Computer Science, Statistics, Pre-Graduate                                                         Junior

Sreesh Shenoy                      Mathematical Economic Analysis, Business minor, Pre-                                    Junior


Annie Turney                         Cognitive Science, Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor,                               Sophomore


Have a question for the PAAs? Fill out this form:


Rice Health Advisors (RHAs)

Hey Jones! We are your Rice Health Advisors, a peer resource trained to assist you with wellbeing needs in college. We’ve all participated  in a semester-long class at Rice to  receive training  and receive on-going training throughout the year on the following topics:  

  • Mental Health
  • Drugs & Addiction
  • Body Image & Wellness
  • Nutritional Wellness & Exercise
  • Sexual Wellness & Healthy Sexuality
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Time Management
  • Stress & Self-Care
  • Roommate Relationships
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Active Bystander Training
  • Ally Training

We work closely with the Rice Counseling and Wellness Centers (and our A-Team!) in order to provide direct support to our college through year-long programming, one-on-one support, and office hours concerning anything and everything related to your wellbeing! Although we have designated office hour times, you can reach out to us individually at any time. Our intention with office hours is to provide clear opportunities for students to come to us if they are hesitant about reaching out to us at a random time. But seriously, reach out whenever!

We are well trained, but we are not experts. So, if there’s something we don’t know about, we’ll know who to refer you to instead and support you through the process. We handle all conversations with confidentiality unless we see a peer in a situation of immediate danger.

RHAs are also stocked with: bandages, pain relievers, ear plugs, condoms, cough drops, tampons, pads, cool packs, heating pads, antacids, and thermometers. These resources are available at anytime, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Feel free to text us or message us on Facebook when you need anything, we are here for you

Jones Rice Health Advisors 2017-2018

Name                                                             Phone Number                                             Email                                         Room                         Office Hours

Reilly Brooks                                             817-313-7422                                                              Off Campus

Sarah Asson                                              847-770-3570                                                             4S Singles Suite

Grant Chambers                                       870-377-3084                                                           Off Campus

Josh Perez                                                 210-240-9328                                                           222                            T/Th 2-4 PM

Chidera Ezuma-Igwe                               919-627-0627                                                           428

Kristen Hickey                                           484-788-5037                                                           220

STRIVE Liaisons

STRIVE Coalition is a dedicated group of students who have come together to address sexual and domestic violence on campus. We envision a world that is free from inequality and violence, where every person experiences sexuality and relationships in healthy and positive ways. Liaisons are specially trained students who host prevention activities and seek to support students by providing information about resources available on and off campus.

Jones STRIVE Liaisons 2017-2018

Name                                   Room Number                                      Email                                                       Phone number                                        Year

Daisy Gray                         422                                                                                   919-800-8282                                        Junior

Alexis Williams                 322                                                                                  703-901-5573                                        Junior

Peer Career Advisors

Peer Career Advisors (PCAs) are a group of student volunteers who are selected through an application and interview process. They serve as ambassadors to undergraduates and play a valuable role in supporting the Center for Career Development. PCAs reinforce the knowledge, skills, and resources offered through the CCD. PCAs are specially trained to assist you with the following topics:

  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Job and internship basics
  • Using our online resources including RICElink and Vault
  • Understanding CCD services

Jones PCAs 2017-2018

Name                                         Major                                                                                                     Email                                                          Year

Deepika Narayanan              Cognitive Science, Biochemistry (minor), Neuroscience                                       Junior


Manuel Pacheco                   Electrical engineering                                                                                              Sophomore