Academic Fellows

Each residential college has an academic fellows or mentors society—an honorary service organization dedicated to the promotion of intellectual and scholastic endeavors. Jones Fellows are juniors and seniors who have proven academic achievement, college citizenship, an interest in academic life of Jones college, and a willingness to help fellow students. Perhaps most importantly, they are a group of students who have excelled in their respective disciplines and who are willing to offer aid to whoever should need it.

The Jones Academic Fellows:

  • Serve as tutors, peer editors, and mentors for fellow Jonesians
  • Provide academic assistance through review sessions and individual tutoring sessions
  • Provide information about post-graduation opportunities by connecting students to knowledgable community members within a particular field
  • Host talks from faculty members or associates concerning a current event or a topic of interest to the Jones community

Unlike the PAAs, Fellows do not specialize in academic advising, meaning they are not generally experts on class selection or scheduling. Rather, the Academic Fellows are people who have taken and aced that difficult introductory course which keeps you up late on a Saturday night, and they want to help you succeed in it as well. Feel free to contact any of your Fellows whenever you may need them!

Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs)

Serving as liaisons for the Office of Academic Advising, PAAs are students at each college that have been broadly trained in numerous areas of academics here at Rice.  Generally speaking, your college PAA team coordinates numerous group and individual activities that attempt to strengthen the academic vitality of your residential college. You may find yourself seeking the advice of a PAA about:

  • General graduation requirements
  • Specific classes
  • Research opportunities
  • Studying abroad
  • Professional school requirements
  • Or any topic as it relates to academics

Remember, even if a particular PAA cannot answer each and every one of your detailed questions, they can at least serve as a helpful resource to point you in the right direction of someone else that can.  As you become more familiar with academics here at Rice, we hope you begin to understand that academics, learning, and especially advising are all ongoing dynamic conversations that involve multiple perspectives and not just a prescription for registrations.

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Rice Health Advisors (RHAs)

The RHA's mission is to positively impact Rice students' mental, emotional, and physical well-being. We will achieve this by providing peer support for social/lifestyle concerns, as well as by educating students on prevalent health issues. We work in close collaboration with the Rice Counseling and Wellness Centers and receive on-going training by professionals. We act with respect and integrity. Our members will act as a dedicated first responders within their residential college by working with peers, RAs, Masters, and College Coordinators to create a dependable support network.

Rice Health Advisors: We care about your mental and physical health.