Wildlife Representatives

Flora, Fauna, Jiba!


Greetings from your Jones Wildlife Representatives!

Our mission is to serve as a liaison between Jones and the wildlife in our local, state, and national communities. Rice University, despite being located in the center of America's 4th largest metropolitan area, is home to numerous and diverse forms of wildlife. You may have spotted some of our native species of squirrels, rabbits, and oak trees while walking through campus. What you probably didn't know, however, is that over 9000 species of organisms live in your quads, colleges, and even dorm rooms!

As Wildlife Representatives, it is our duty to keep the Jones community up-to-date with the latest hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations so that we can responsibly enjoy our furry neighbors. In addition to leading monthly wilderness expeditions to teach Jonesians about our various local habitats, we hold weekly office hours to answer any wildlife-related questions that may have!

Together, we can ensure that all future Jonesians have the ability to enjoy the biodiversity that we too often take for granted.