The College Court

The College Court system is designed on the principal that students govern and monitor one another. Thus, when you have an issue (noise complaints, out of control parties, etc.) please contact an Associate Justice or the Chief Justice first as opposed to RUPD. This tends to mediate issues much better and leads to more constructive outcomes for everyone involved. In addition, if you plan on having a private gathering involving alcoholic beverages, text one of us (whomever you feel most comfortable with) and let us know.


Jones Chief and Associate Justices 2015-2016

Floor Room Name Phone Number Email
CJ 328N (3N JCD) Scotty Stevens 512-587-2877
1+2S 266F (2S Suite) Josh Perez 210-240-9328
2N 228N (2N JCD) Sreesh Shenoy 832-403-6370
3S 3S Doubles Suite Adam Krupinski 914-874-6693
3N 323N Alexis Williams 703-901-5573
4S 466C (4S Singles Suite) Carmella DeSerto 715-205-5207
4N 431N Daisy Gray 919-800-8282


Registering Events

If you are having an event with multiple people (more than 2 people who don't live in your room/suite) and there is alcohol, let an Associate Justice or the Chief Justice know!  Acceptable forms of communication:

  • Text
  • Facebook message
  • Hand-written note
  • Word of mouth (directly from you to us)


New Guest Policy

If you are having someone stay at Jones for 2 or more nights who is not a Rice student, please register them here

Just a reminder, guests must also adhere to the Rice University and Jones Code of Conduct. If your guest violates anything (which they won't!), you will be held responsible.

Make sure you're familiar with the Jones College Code of Conduct!