Ranjini Nagaraj, Jones '19

Ranjini President Pic

Hello and welcome to Jones!

I’m Ranjini Nagaraj, a senior from Saratoga, California and Jones College President.

The residential college system is the hallmark of undergraduate life at Rice, with each college having its own government, traditions, and culture. Thankfully for Jonesians, we happen to have been placed in the college with the best government, the best traditions, and the best culture.

As President, I wear many hats and go to (and run) many meetings. It’s my job to make sure the Jones government is running properly by working with the other elected and appointed positions to benefit the college. I host Cabinet every other week for all of Jones to learn about and discuss important issues facing us as students, members of the Rice community, and friends- as well as enjoy awesome food from the Adult team. I also represent Jones on a campus level as one of our college’s voices in the Student Association (campus-wide student government), and through weekly meetings with administrators. All this is to say that if you have any issue or suggestion you would like the college or administration to hear, talk to me! My role exists to make life for all Jonesians the best it can be. I am the official Jones listener, spokesperson, and cheerleader.

There are many ways for YOU to get involved with Jones! Make sure to keep an eye out for emails from various Jonesians with opportunities to engage in the community, or if you'd like to form a new group or new event that doesn't currently exist at Jones, go for it! If you need any help or guidance on what the best ways to start getting involved are, please reach out to me or any member of the Jones cabinet- we are all so excited to work with you! 

I am proud to serve the Jones family, and I look forward to a successful year. If you have any questions, suggestions, or deep life thoughts, please contact me! Don’t hesitate to text, email, or track me down in person- either in the commons or in my suite on 4N! 


Ranjini Nagaraj