Chris Sabbagh, Jones '17


Welcome to Jones, the most winning college at Rice!

My name is Chris Sabbagh, I’m a senior majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

As president, I oversee the college government and serve as the voice of Jonesians on important issues discussed campus-wide. I want to serve as a resource for all of your questions and concerns – if I can’t answer them, I can probably direct you to someone who can!

You’ll see me around in a few capacities – hosting Cabinet every other week where we’ll discuss college-related topics, eat delicious snacks, and dress up for silly themes; attending Student Association meetings where the Jones Senator and I vote on issues that we discuss at Cabinet; and working with other positions to ensure they are benefiting the college.

If you’re a new student, and you had the option to choose your college, you’re already one of the smartest students at Rice for choosing Jones. If you were randomly selected, we’re excited to have saved you from the ~18% chance you were assigned to Will Rice or Brown. But most importantly, welcome home! If you see me on campus, stop by and say hi!

Looking forward to another Beer Bike sweep this year…