Each year, Rice gives each residential college $30,000 + $X (depending on the number of students per college). At Jones, this money is divided up into 20 budgets. The budget breakdown for the current academic year can be viewed here.


Money Request Proposal

There are two ways to request money:

1) JIBA Fund Request Budget = $500

This pertains to money for Jonesians that will help Jones. 
Example: We bought a Jones vacuum cleaner last year. 

2) Appropriations Budget = $200 

This pertains to money for Jonesians but not Jones as a whole. 
Example: We provided money for two Jonesians on the frisbee team last year.

If you would like to request money, please follow this process:

  1. Submit a request (Click Here)
  2. Email Treasurer ( 
  3. Treasurer will bring it up at pre-cab
  4. Floor reps speak to their floors
  5. Jones votes on request at cabinet


Tax Exempt Form


If you are using your own card, print out one of these tax exempt forms and bring it to the store. You will not get reimbursed for tax if you pay for it.

Click here to download the Tax Exempt Form


P-Card Holders

Here is the link to the P-Card holders at Jones, in order of who to contact first.